Monday, November 21, 2011

Signs of the Season!

One of the first indications in our house that Christmas is soon approaching, is the arrival of Operation Christmas Child. Where we go out and pack a few shoe boxes to send to kids around the world. This is actually one of Peter and I's favorite Christmas traditions! We both agree that shopping for children who can truly use a little Christmas gift is so much more fun than any other shopping we do for Christmas!

With a male dominated home, we packed boxes this year for girls :) The shoe boxes are now out of our hands and on their way to a distribution center where they will be checked and packed in crates to send around the world! I am looking forward to finding out where our boxes go this year - last year they went to The Philippines!

Another really fun opportunity we were given this year was to pack a special Christmas gift for our 15 year old Project 61 Girl! I have made a commitment this year to try to invest more personal time into each of our sponsor children by writing them letters and when an opportunity as amazing as getting to send them a personal gift comes up - I jump at it!

So these gifts are off, and will hopefully make their way halfway around the world in time for Christmas!

Now I look so forward to the week ahead - eating lots of yummy food (doctors orders after all!) decorating the house for Christmas, and finally being allowed to listen to Christmas music (Peter's rule!)!!!