Thursday, November 10, 2011

Life This Week!

Well, I guess some of this is more than a week old. I realized I never posted pictures of my adorable boys in their Halloween costumes. So I give you our adorable Peter Pan!

And Captain Hook!!!

Malachi has not been a fan of getting his hair done lately. When that happens we figure it is time for a week in the coils which help rejuvenate the hair. So Peter spent this weekend (Peter is better at it than I am) coiling his hair. I can't believe how much it has grown since the last time we did it! But it is no longer that long as a lot of the roots were in bad shape so he got a little bit of a trim while the hair was coiled!

I've been trying a lot harder to set aside special time for Malachi and doing bigger boy activities with him. It is really easy for me to be distracted in the day to day life things (taking care of two babies) and forget that he is growing and needs to be challenged. He is always pointing at his flash cards and the kid amazes me at how much he loves letters. He is getting pretty close to learning all the letters of the alphabet and even has started spelling out words when he see's them. Mr. Smarty pants!!!

I also thought that maybe he was old enough to join me in the kitchen for a simple little baking session. He wanted to stick his fingers in the bowl with the dry ingredients and convincing him to wait was a little bit of a challenge. But he was actually a really good boy and loved eating the beater (that was my favorite part as a kid). Daddy came in and was licking the spoons and he heard daddy say "mmm" so he started saying "mmmm" which I thought was funny because he had already licked his totally clean and wasn't eating anything!

Now my poor little boys are sick :( Malachi came down with his first cold since he came home last August. I am amazed at how healthy he has been. And as it is expected to happen, Elias started coming down with it today. Poor Eli's is complete with 102 fever :( But I got that down pretty easily with some tylenol but it will be a long night for mommy worrying about her babies.

Today I had my 16 week prenatal appointment. I cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy is progressing! I am really enjoying the increased movement I am feeling with this baby! Tonight the baby was wiggling around quite a bit. I think Eli was a very chill baby and never really went nuts in there but this baby already seems to be pretty active (at least for 16 weeks!) Everything is going well with the baby! Heart rate was holding steady at 147! My doctor commented on how I don't really look very big, which I thought was crazy because I feel HUGE compared to last time. She wanted to know if I am eating, which I assured her I was and had the weight gain to prove it. But she did give me permission to eat at Thanksgiving :) We scheduled our anatomy scan for December 7th and I can't wait to get a good look at our little baby! Again, I just can't believe that we are approaching the mid-point of this pregnancy already. Time needs to slow down :)

And that is our week so far in a nutshell!