Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Highs and Lows

Well I had yet another failure with the 3 hour glucose tolerance test. My results were:

Fasting: 91 (must be under 95)
1 hour: 203 (must be under 180)
2 hours: 184 (must be under 155)
3 hours: 156 (must be under 140)

My fasting level was in the passing range but I did really bad in that first hour which set the remaining hours up for failure as I just couldn't catch back up. Regardless, the test shows that my body is struggling to produce insulin right now. Tomorrow I have my first meeting with the diabetic nurse at the hospital who will help me learn what I need to be eating and help me figure out the testing I need to do at home. Hopefully a diet change will be sufficient and we can avoid insulin injections.

In better and exciting news: I scheduled our 3D/4D ultrasound. We get another glimpse of our little baby on Friday and I am so excited! We are in what they consider the perfect timing to have one of these ultrasounds done! I just can't wait to get a really up close look at our baby!

In Malachi news: He is just a couple days shy of his 8 month birthday. He is all over the place now. He is crawling fast and pulling himself up on everything and cruising across all the furniture. He sure is outgrowing the baby phase quickly and I am reminded of this everyday I go into his room and see him standing in his crib waiting for me. Tonight we have our second post adoption visit with our social worker. Even though Malachi has only been home 4 months, the report has to be on its way to Ethiopia by the 5 month anniversary so that it will arrive in its destination by his 6 month anniversary. It is all a little confusing. We will have one final social worker visit in about 6 months and then from there we will be writing our own reports once a year until Malachi turns 18!


Jenny said...

Aw man! Sorry you failed! But yay for the U/S this Friday!!!! So exciting!!! Our Jai should be about Malachi's age when he comes home so I love listening to what he's doing and thinking about what Jai may be doing... Although, I hope he's not a perfect crawler yet... I don't want to miss it!!!