Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Had my first Third Trimester doctor's appointment today and it was kind of a bummer. I had all the basic stuff done, the baby sounds good, my weight gain is good, the baby is measuring good BUT I failed my 1 hour glucose test. The test was so much fun the first time that I can't wait to do the 3 hour test this weekend.

I went in on Saturday to do my test. I read some tips online to help you pass the test. I tried to avoid sugary foods the day before the test to avoid having any extra sugar in my system. I considered eating a high protein breakfast the morning of the test, but the doctor recommended fasting so I just got up and went to the hospital on an empty stomach to take the test. Having an empty stomach is supposed to help your body metabolize the sugar faster. I drank the sugary drink, no big deal. I sat and waited the looong hour and read a book on my Kindle. I did the blood draw and away I went.

The doctor's office told me to expect a call from them right away if the results weren't good. I didn't hear anything yesterday so I assumed I must have passed. Today when I went in, they reminded me that I needed to take my glucose test, which I told them I did on Saturday. They said sometimes the lab doesn't send them the results but instead just puts them in the computer so she checked the computer. The results were apparently "very bad". My sugar levels were way above the level to pass.

So now I get to spend my coming Saturday at the hospital where I will have fasted for 12 hours, drink twice as much of the sugary drink, sit for 3 looong hours, and get poked 4 more times! Fun times. I just hope that I can somehow pass this next one!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Oh no!!! We will be praying!!!

Amy said...

You can get through it!! I have been there several times...just make sure you have food with you to eat right after your test! I was always a bit shaky after that 3 hour one. I'll be eager to hear how it goes.

Mrs.Gator said...

I had GD when I was pregnant with my dd and the 3 hour test wasn't that bad. Just take a book or something to keep your mind off the hunger :). I recommend balancing protein and carbs for a few days before your test and avoid sugar.

Good luck!

Maria Delgado said...

i remembering taking a glucose test as a kid. It was 6 hours. OUCH.