Friday, October 22, 2010

6 Months

Malachi is 6 months old!!!

It has been a month of huge changes for Malachi. He has grown and changed so much! He has really gotten active and has learned how to roll in all different directions to get where he wants to go. The day after he turned 6 months old, he also was able to get up on his knees and start pushing forward. He does a face plant, but he is definitely figuring out this crawling business.

He has also started saying "dada" and he hoots like an owl quite a bit. We have started baby sign language with him and while he can't sign "milk" yet, when we do that sign to him he definitely knows the bottle is coming!

Another thing about Malachi is: He loves to eat!!!

In the past month Malachi has finished up trying all the baby food first foods and has moved on to second foods. His definite favorites are still pears and sweet potatoes. He has started showing a huge interest in what is on our plates so more and more we are letting him taste what we eat. He loved my cheddar mashed potatoes in Disneyland. He also loves Strawberry/Apple puffs, goldfish crackers, and sucking the juices out of pineapple!!! A few foods that he wasn't sure about the texture were jello, cheese, and watermelon. He is our champion eater though :)

It has been incredible watching him this past month as he has become more interactive, has started observing more of the world around him, and has started to become more coordinated. He is SO precious and we couldn't love him anymore!!!


Maria Delgado said...

awwww! so glad that he is doing so well!