Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Year 3 - Trials

So our 3rd year of marriage started off in Disneyland - you can't get any better then that! Be forewarned that this year was not like the rest, but it was okay. We did not take how wonderful the first 2 years of marriage were and we really counted our blessings! The third year was full of struggles and trials but one thing we did not expect was how much closer we became through it all. This was a huge year of growth in our relationship with each other.

So year three started out it Disneyland. We were thrilled to see fall come and Peter not have to go back to school although he did have to study for the CPA exam. He started his job at KPMG in the beginning of September and settled into his new job. We eventually got an offer on our condo and after battling that for awhile we did end up accepting it. That was just the beginning of the road with selling that place. We had a very long drawn out closing on the place which complicated the purchase of our new home. We had to be out of the condo right after Thanksgiving because it was supposed to be closing then and that meant us spending long nights and days leading up to this point cleaning and fixing up our dirty, grimy foreclosed new house.

We moved into our new house right after Thanksgiving and decided it was time to add yet another member to our family (I promise this is the last 4 legged member)

Mr Indy joined our family at the beginning December - he was my early Christmas present!

So after lots of complications on the condo selling we FINALLY closed on the condo a few days before New Year's! Paying for two houses and not knowing if the deals were going to go through added just a little stress to our lives, but we finally made it! We also had an awesome snow storm this Christmas!

Bye Bye Condo!!!

Our new home!

The new year was rough. There were several things that made the new year rough for us. Some things that we have shared with people and some things we have kept private. The day before my birthday in March Peter was laid off from his job - Happy Birthday to me!!!
That was more then a little stressful on us and definitely gave us something to pray about constantly. God was very faithful to us and provided a new job within 6 weeks. That is very difficult in this economy and we are still very thankful for that! Peter loves his new job and gets home at decent hours and all in all it has really worked out for the best!!!
In June my grandma passed away and that was not easy to deal with. Peter was a great support through that.
Then of course our journey to parenthood. It has not been an easy path thus far. Since we first decided to start our family we had discussed adoption and even prayed that God would make it known to us if he wanted us to adopt. We had to wait on his will and his timing and we knew it would happen in his timing. Well of course God would wait until we were able to adopt before pressing it on our heart deeply. The week before Peter turned 23 and little did we know we had to be 23 God put that deep desire in our hearts and here we are preparing to be parents. We couldn't be more excited!
Here we are on our 3rd Anniversary praying that God would lead us and he has. We are so pleased to announce that we have our first set of fees ready to be sent in! WOW! We are still in awe of how quickly God has provided for us. We could potentially have a baby about to be born into this world!!! We still have a long ways to go but we know God will lead us and direct us and we are so thankful for all of our friends and family's support! This has truly shown us how many people really care about us and it is amazing!

The 3rd year was anything but easy. We did have some fun and happy times but we also had some really rough times. God was with us and we grew closer to him this past year. Something else totally unexpected was the change in our love for each other. We definitely developed a deeper and more mature love for each other this past year. I know this coming year will hold several challenges and trials of its own but I also have the confidence and knowledge that we can handle anything this year will throw at us. Plus I can already foresee that this year is going to hold some of the very best moments of our lives and I can't wait!!!