Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

Do to the cancellation of the Vancouver Fireworks we did not do our "usual" 4th of July Celebration up at Peter's grandparents house on the Columbia River. Instead, we spent the day in town with my family. The weather was perfect and the food as usual was yummy!

Juno and Indy ready to celebrate Independence Day!!!

We had a BBQ at my grandma Fair's house with all the fixings - hamburgers, ribs, tri-tip. We always look forward to dessert - My grandma makes the BEST apple pie, can't get anymore American then that! We also indulged in strawberry cake and strawberries and ice cream!

My adorable niece Jezzie eating dessert!
The squirrels always come out to visit at grandma's house
My niece Jillian talking to the squirrel!

After the BBQ we wanted to exercise the dogs before the fireworks start going. We take them to our church playground and field to run them every once and awhile!
Down we go!!!

Indy wearing down!

Juno and Peter still running strong!!!

Now she's getting tired!

All tuckered out with daddy!

After the church we went over to my parents house to watch some fireworks. We were totally legal, I promise! We may not look legal with the cop car in the background but I swear we were. My brother just stopped by to watch some of the fireworks before going back out to find some DUI's!!!

The girls ready to watch some fireworks!!

The girls think Peter's the best because he lit off fireworks for them. Apparently they don't understand that grandpa was the one who bought the fun fireworks.

Peter took some pictures of the not so legal ones going off around us!