Monday, July 27, 2009

Year 2 - Fun Year of Blessings!

So we left off on our first wedding anniversary at Crater Lake:

We had no idea how awesome our second year of marriage would be. It was a year that was so much fun and we were truly blessed the entire year! The second year started out with Peter hitting school full speed ahead. He was working 30 hours a week plus taking 29 credits a semester. On top of that in the fall he had to deal with numerous job interviews and eventually made the decision to begin his career at KPMG.
Needless to say the fall and spring were VERY busy for Peter but eventually the day we had been waiting for a very long time came: Graduation Day!!! We had both worked so hard to get Peter through school and it was just awesome to see that day come!

A couple days after graduation we flew off to Jamaica to celebrate! Okay, so Disneyland is definitely our place - we love Disneyland but Jamaica was AWESOME! It seriously was the perfect vacation! We just relaxed for a week and ate and swam - it was heaven! Definitely a vacation we will never forget!

One of my most favorite memories in life to date - was the private beach side dinner! It was awesome!

I really can't even put into words how great that trip was for us! It was perfect and something we will treasure forever - although we do hope to go back someday and create more memories in Jamaica!
Not too long after coming home from Jamaica we decided since we did so well with our Chinchillas that we decided to add another member to our family (see, slowly building ourselves up to kids). We fell in love with the 8 week old hairless boxer puppy at the Oregon Dog Rescue. Little Miss Juno came home with us almost a year to the day after we got the chinchilla's. Juno is definitely a unique and adorable little girl and we love her very much!

Before we knew it we were approaching our second anniversary. Right before our anniversary we listed the condo for sale and were ready to move up in the world to a real house and say goodbye to condo life!
For our anniversary we decided to plan a Disneyland vacation on short notice! It was a marathon trip but it was a lot of fun. Disneyland even had one of their biggest earthquakes on our anniversary! Totally screwed up the rides, but it was memorable :)

We took our last picture EVER in the engagement spot :( Our place will still be there, but Disneyland is re-doing the area and so my buddy mickey will be gone!

Yes we were really wet when we took this picture!

Our second year of marriage was absolutely amazing! We couldn't have asked for a better year! I can't think of very many bad things about that year at all. I am so glad that God gave us a really good year together before things got rough - we literally felt the "He gives and takes Away" but we knew we had been blessed in our second year and I think that made it much easier to trust God's plans in the 3rd year.
More to come on that later :)