Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Mom and Dad's Year in Review

And now it is Mom's turn, mainly just some of my favorite pictures of the year and a few special moments. 

School has been one of my biggest challenges but also one of my biggest blessings. Homeschooling is no joke and I give serious props to teachers who have 20 plus kids to manage. We are all learning together and when I can look back and see moments like this, I know that we've made the right decision for our family.

Our Valentine's Day was such a sweet time as we celebrated with the kids and Malachi cooked us dinner. Definitely felt the love! 

Being a slower, low key year was a blessing too as we were able to try some new things, for me I started the process of learning how to ski, I hope in the coming years to get even better, I have a lot I still need to improve on, but even attempting Whistler was cool!

Another highlight of Whistler was ziplining. This was our second time on this course so it wasn't scary this time, just lots of fun!

Refresh Conference is always a highlight and we are looking forward to returning here in a couple months!

One of our bigger home projects this year was remodeling the family room and I am really happy with how it turned out. 

Not anything special but just a moment of real life that I love. Especially as an employee says "there's room for another one on the side!"

Easter, a special day as it was also Malachi's 7th Birthday

Spring Skiing at Mt Bachelor. I somehow skied 4 mountains in my very first season! 

New skills for the kids too

My husband and kids were so sweet to make me a big Mother's Day brunch! 

A fun week in Chicago, with Peter and Malachi, and an amazing opportunity to see Hamilton!

And catch up with special friends

Another favorite picture from this year

A fun summer project complete and I loved it, many summer nights enjoyed out there

Another new thing we tried this year was hiking, I'm really excited we did that little gorge hike because the whole area burned badly this year and will probably never look the same. 

We also made some great memories for our 11th anniversary at a special little cabin getaway. We went hiking, saw some places we'd never seen before, fished, and just enjoyed some sweet time with each other. 

We celebrated our 7th "Gotcha Day" Family Day at the beach

More sweet family moments

Had a fun weekend at Great Grandma's in Coos Bay 

This year was a good year! I am thankful and blessed that this year was as good as it was. Always so very much to be thankful for in life.