Monday, December 18, 2017

Eli's Year in Review

Mr Eli continues to grow into a fun little boy. When I say boy, I really do mean that because this kid is ALL boy! 


He started out the year trying a new sport and did great. It is fun to see how natural sports seem to come to him. He's determined and has a blast!

Eli also had a blast in Whistler. He's always pretty fun to do things with so every aspect of Whistler was a blast!

Another one of Eli's favorite things is playing games. He loves any chance he can get to have someone sit down with him and play a game. He thrives with quality time and this is one of the easiest ways to get that with him. 

He also developed a love for baseball this year. This does not come as a surprise if you knew both sides of his DNA. He often asks when baseball season is starting again and we look forward to watching him again in a few months!

Remember what I said about all boy? He loves guns and soldiers and knights and pretty much anything he can make into a toy gun or sword! 

Another fun milestone this year was completing Kindergarten and moving on to 1st grade. School still isn't his favorite thing, he'd much rather be off playing with soldiers but his attitude has really grown and changed in 1st grade and he gives everything his best shot with a good attitude. He has come so far and we are proud of him! 

Hiking, Fishing, Camping, these are a few of the new things he got to try doing this year and really loved all of them.  Next summer should be fun as I am sure he will have the opportunity to do all of these things more! 


Another favorite sport seems to be soccer. We were very proud of him this year as he had to play up with 2nd graders to make the schedule easier and really did pretty good with it. It will be fun next year to watch him play with kids his own age. He is also currently taking swim lessons.  In the year ahead, the options are endless for activities for him but he seems set on wanting to continue with baseball and soccer and swimming. We shall see if he wants to try something new though.

I love Eli's willingness to try new things and find ways to have fun no matter what we are doing. He's always up for an adventure and that makes him a pretty fun person to spend time with. He can sometimes have a tough outer shell but inside is a sweet and very sensitive kiddo! He's growing up and changing so fast and I can't wait to see what adventure he finds in the year ahead. 

What do you most want for Christmas?  A Huge Playmobile Set
What are you most looking forward to about next year? My Birthday