Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Our Thanksgiving Weekend

Our Thanksgiving Weekend of course began with Thanksgiving!  I know I have so very very much to always be thankful for and this year I've really tried to focus on the good in my life and grow in being content with where we are in life!  Of course these 4 precious ones are always at the top of my thankful list along with my husband, the hardworking, loving guy he is! 

This year for Thanksgiving we were with Peter's family and had a wonderful time.  The kids also had a blast with all the games and people willing to play with them! 

One of the kids most favorite days they talk about, is the day that Henry the Elf arrives at our house. It is a fun day spent at home, eating a fun Christmas breakfast and decorating for the season!

Painting Ornaments

Henry is here!

The kids are such a perfect age for all of the holiday magic! We are soaking in as much of their joy as we can while they are still little and enjoy every small part of it!

Christmastime is upon us, we can hardly believe it. But so far it is off to a great start and we have so much we look forward to packing into this last month of the year! I am glad that we are on Christmas break from school and soon will be taking a break from activities and rest and enjoy this season to its fullest!