Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Foster Pup #52 - Scotch

We had another sweet guest to our home before Thanksgiving. I was a little nervous about keeping him because my experience with huskies in the past was that they are very mouthy and very hyper. But they had a very large litter of pups who needed a short foster for just a couple days so I let my bias go and we game this sweet boy a chance. 

It may have helped that he was a pretty young pup, but he was such a sweet boy. The only problem we had with them was he had a very upset tummy (which isn't uncommon) so that made for lots of messes to clean up. But clearly, the pictures show that he was one sweet and special guy! 

Even with a large litter (I believe 10 pups) they had inquiry after inquiry for these gorgeous puppies so they were quickly scooped up. Stay tuned on here as we have some very special pups arriving with us soon!  And pray for our sanity too as this is the first time we will be taking the whole litter of 3 :)