Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Called to Love 2017

This past weekend I had the huge privilege to go away for the weekend with my MIL to the Called to Love Retreat! It is a retreat we look forward to every year to get away and glean some wisdom, spend time with common minded adoptive mothers and enjoy meals we don't have to cook!


They spoil us well with gift bags and yummy snacks!

The retreat is at the gorgeous Oregon Gardens, so we are also able to go out and explore the gardens in all their beauty. Do you see it?

More than anything the retreat is a time to be encouraged on our journeys and get a few new tools to helps us navigate the road as adoptive moms.  It is a time of great refreshment for me (even though I miss my husband and kids like crazy) and really just encouraging to continue on trying to do my best.  

There really aren't many better places to be in this world, than in a group full of adoptive mother's. We share a common bond, choosing a complicated journey as parents. We love fiercely, our hearts break for children who need parents and birth mothers who sacrifice so greatly.  I didn't know the journey my life would take when I chose to step in as an adoptive mom but I am so grateful for resources and camaraderie along the way!  It really did re-energize and renew me as I carry on trying to be the best mom I can be!