Monday, July 24, 2017

Peter's Birthday

 This year Peter's birthday fell on a Saturday so we wanted to spend the day doing something fun as a family.

A good start was when my mom dropped off a pie bright and early that Peter gave the kids permission to dig right into!

Then we were off!  First stop was our favorite Portland donut shop which gives you a free dozen for your Birthday! The wait was 40 minutes but totally worth it for our favorite - the dirty wu! 

Then we were out to the gorge for a fun little family hike. We wanted to test the kids a bit to see if they enjoyed hiking and if this might be something we can do more of! It really was a lot of fun and beautiful! 

After a nice little hilly test with the kids, we made it to the best part!  

Time for a cool down! 

Then a quick stop to the fish hatchery. The kids had a blast feeding the big fish! 

Then it was a drive back to one of our favorite quick dinner spots! 

And church and home for Peter's favorite dessert! A wonderful day celebrating my love!