Monday, April 25, 2016

Sabrina turns 4!

Well we have wrapped up crazy Birthday week around our house with the our four year old girl's birthday!  Wow, I just don't even have words for how quickly these past four years have gone! 

I will never forget that surprise pregnancy test, the long and hard 9 month journey. The fear of her coming far too early, the long days and weeks of bed rest.  Weeks upon weeks of contractions keeping me awake at night, the middle of the night walking to try and get them stronger that never worked. 3 trips to the hospital, scheduling an induction after 2 months on bed rest, the quick and easy delivery, hearing my husband announce we had a girl, getting to just hold her and enjoy her for well over an hour immediately after her birth!  

I will never forget how she was the easiest baby ever, sleeping through the night at just 3 weeks old.  How she has been a joyful little ray of sunshine since she first smiled at us!  I always thought I would enjoy being a boy mom most, but she transformed my mind and has helped me to love everything unique about having a girl.  The pink everywhere, the pretty dresses, lip gloss, baby dolls, and the long moments of quiet where she is just content to be still and calm.  But there's more than that in her - she's tough, stubborn, but very tender hearted.  She can throw a punch with the best of her brother's and loves to dig around and find bugs and worms more than anyone else in this house!  She's been a delight and a blessing since the moment I knew she existed!  

Finally, it was her birthday. I say finally because while her dad and I could have held off on her turning four for awhile, she was quite ready for the big day!  Our day started off with some yummy birthday cake pancakes, just what she wanted! 

Then it was off to the toy store to pick out what presents she wanted from mom and dad! It was fun to get to spend some time cruising the girl section! 

She was very strategic and picked out some very well thought out gifts! 

Then it was off to find her some mac and cheese, her most favorite food!  

And then off to see a movie!  She picked out a really cute purse at the toy store and daddy put her trusty Poodle inside it and she carted him around everywhere all day. It was seriously too darn adorable for me to handle! 

After a fun movie, she wanted to play some video games and well, it was her birthday so who were we to tell her no. 

And then a yummy, free oreo flavored ice cream cone! 

And along with mac and cheese, our goal absolutely loves donuts, so a donut cake to end the day for a win!  

And this past weekend we celebrated our princess with a very pink and very poodle filled birthday party! 

Oh sweet baby girl, how has four years gone so fast?!?  I have loved every single day of getting to be your mom, and I have wished time would go just a little bit slower with you. It feels like you've grown way faster than I could have wished or imagined.  I didn't know how badly I needed baby girls in my life and we are so blessed to have you as the "big girl" of the house!  You love to mother everyone, including your big brothers.  You have that same love of babies that your mama has!  You are so sweet and so tender hearted and as a fellow "softy" I know that the world needs people like us, who will always love big.  I think back almost 5 years ago and I didn't even know I needed you in my life, but I loved you fiercely and counted you as a blessing from the moment I knew you were growing inside me, and oh how I longed for you to be a daughter!  God blessed us abundantly with you joining our lives.  You have your daddy wrapped completely around your finger and you make us laugh all the time at all your silliness. You've taken the "Princess" nickname (and meaning of your name) to heart!  Happy Birthday baby girl, you are dearly loved!