Thursday, April 7, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter is always a favorite in our house, and this one was a really great day!  It started a couple days before with the kids coloring eggs. A certain little miss was excited to get to be with the big kids for the occasion! 

Then it was a bright and early Easter morning!  Since the weather was a bit muddy to start the day, the usual outdoor egg hunt had to be changed to an indoor egg hunt.  This egg hunt is no joke!  We're talking Grandpa and Grandma fill over 400 eggs with treats and hide them all over the "compound."  They were literally everywhere inside both of the houses.  Sabrina woke up at 1:30 in the morning as she was coming to our bedroom as she often does and saw the eggs. This in turn led her to start running around the house yelling "The Easter bunny came, The Easter bunny came!"  

Before the egg hunt started though, it was basket hunting time! 

Then we were off on the egg hunt!  First at our house

Then up at Grandma's! 

We also made a trip over to my grandma's house in the afternoon for more egg hunting and dinner with the big extended family!  It was just a really nice day and I adore my little family so very much!  I am blessed!