Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Quick Night Away!

A couple weeks ago, we took advantage of an offer to get away for the weekend by my parents.  Peter was just about to embark on "busy season" at work so we wanted to take full advantage of the weekend we had remaining.  That was good, because it has gotten crazy around here!  He's worked every day of the last 11 days with probably another 8 days in a row to come.  So far he's logged over 117 hours (but who's counting?!?) of work in those 11 days! He's exhausted, I'm exhausted, 2 colds have passed back and forth through the house in the past 2 weeks and man oh man, I just was not meant to manage this house without him!  It has made me very happy that he is not in public accounting anymore as this would be "normal"!

But I'm happy to say everyone seems to have adjusted now and the end of the really long days seems to be within sight!  Some R&R is coming! 

So back to the weekend at the beach!  The kids had a blast.  Grandma brought the bingo cards and the kids played a few rounds. 

They watched a movie

The weather always seems to be gorgeous in winter at the beach, go figure! 

and lots and lots of time in the pool!

These two are getting braver, and might be ready to start taking lessons?!?

It was a nice, quick little getaway.