Friday, January 29, 2016

18 Month Sweetheart!

Hard to believe that the baby in the house is already 18 months, and definitely the busiest and most in to everything toddler we've ever had!  I have to say, I am quite proud of all her accomplishments and okay that she keeps me on my toes because that is such NORMAL behavior!  It was just 9 short months ago that we had a very alarming doctors appointment with this girl and we didn't know for sure what our future with her would look like.  A brain MRI and some EI evaluations later and lots of strength and determination on her part and she's doing amazing!  She might always have to work a little bit harder than other kids, but knowing what I know about this girl, she was born a fighter and is going to do great things!

She's still a little peanut and we've had to up the food and fats in her life, but she's gained a little weight and is up to 19 pounds. She loves to eat and is by far our least picky eater! Still below the 5% percentile but she's growing on her own little curve.  We've been working hard on her speech and it's starting to come along.  Just a couple weeks ago, she figured out "mama" and that was sweet music to my ears! When the milestones are harder fought for, they put you on cloud 9 when they happen!

She's just a sweet little thing. She gives the best hugs and her smile just lights up the room.  She loves stuffed animals and blankets.  She also seems to love animals (the cat is not a big fan) and even wants to snuggle the animals she finds in her books. She adores all her siblings and tries to keep up with them!  I know it won't be long and she will be.  It's bittersweet to watch her move right along in the toddler stage.  Seems she's gotten to 18 months far too fast!

LB, we are so happy to have you in the family!  You are a blessing!  You're the strongest most determined little girl and that makes me so proud!  That strength will take you far in life!  You are so beautiful and your smile lights up our lives.  Your snuggles and hugs are the absolute best and melt me into a million little pieces.  We love you baby girl!