Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Quick Trip

As much as possible, I love to travel with Peter so I jumped on the opportunity for a quick trip to Palo Alto with him this week.  We brought LB with us, so while it wasn't completely kid free it was still a nice little break.  I didn't get as much rest as I was hoping due to the 3 month old, but we were able to go out and (mostly) enjoy some meals and quiet time together. I love any opportunity I can get to just be away and spend time with the hubs so I am still grateful to have the opportunity for some R & R!

Miss Belle has already traveled across the country so this was a pretty quick flight with her.  The flight home was not so fun as we flew home in high winds and the last 20 minutes were pretty bumpy!  But she was a rock star and didn't let out a peep. 

                                       In fact, she pretty much passed out. I wish I had that ability on flights!

                                                   She loved having our attention all to herself!

And while there were a few meals she didn't cooperate fully on, for the most part she slept and let us have our time!

                                      We ate probably way more of this than we should have

                                    But all in all it was a worthwhile little trip.  I think she agrees!