Thursday, November 6, 2014

An Epic Halloween

Halloween was a very eventful day as I posted last time about officially gaining a daughter!  But overall it was kind of a big and busy day for our family. 

The weekend before Halloween, we of course had to carve our pumpkins.  Daddy did an amazing job yet again and all the kids were thrilled!  

 The night before Halloween started with quite the big bang as our large tree in front of the house fell down. We had a huge windstorm the weekend before this and I was keeping my eye out the window at this tree, but it survived and I thought for sure if it survived THAT storm it would make it through the entire winter, but I think a week of  lots of rain weakened it too much. Now this is a tree that we knew was sick.  We actually had 2 trees in the backyard removed when we purchased the house that were also sick.  But those ones actually had a risk of demolishing a house if they fell. The tree in the front was on our massive "to do" list and was in fact the first item of business we wanted to take care of come springtime.  There was a slight risk that if it fell it would hit the side of our house, but this tree collapsed in the best possible position and we were very fortunate.  So a few small parts of our to-do list are getting taken care of now, and we will probably save a good $800 or so over having it removed next year.  Unfortunately it took out our old fence too (also on next springs "to do" list) and so we have to figure out some way to get by this winter without a fence.  It could have been much worse and those were 2 projects that we were planning on doing and it didn't damage anything (besides the falling apart fence) so I am glad! 

After our morning to-do's with adoption finalization, we took off with the kids to celebrate with some brunch.  It's always an adventure when we take all 4 of them out, but they did great!  Then we even stopped at a little bakery and let them pick out a Halloween treat!  

Before we knew it, it was time for naps and then costumes and trick or treat time.  The boys were so excited all day that they were up at 6 and then didn't nap well either.  If they are this excited about getting candy I can only imagine how Christmas will be this year!  

Peter got his wish this year as the boys were REALLY into Star Wars.  I wasn't originally behind my girls going with the Star Wars theme, but I somewhat reluctantly agreed and it was a good choice! 

Then it was off to do what the boys had been looking forward to all day!  They were quite the Trick or Treaters this year and boy were they worn out when it was all said and done!