Friday, February 14, 2014

Why I love Valentine's Day!

There seems to be a growing number of love day haters these days.  Lots of people saying we shouldn't buy into this commercialized holiday.  I get it, but I still stand to say I love Valentine's Day!   I also love making my family feel special on their Birthday's.  I love seeing how the kids get excited over small, but special gestures on all the various holiday's. I love reminiscing over our love with my husband on our anniversary!   I love days that are a bit more special and different than than the norm. Some say that everyday we should express our love to those around us, and while that is true, I often fall short.

I don't necessarily think today is about the commercialized and store bought version of Valentine's Day.  I don't need those thing (although I do like my fair share of chocolate and flowers).  I love Valentine's Day because I have an extra opportunity and reminder to lavish love on my kids and husband!  

I have been so blessed with my little family!  Sometimes it is hard to believe that I've been blessed with this much joy!  My kids are incredible and mean the world to me!  I have the most hard working and selfless husband who I look forward to being with every day!  I have been blessed with the most wonderful gifts this world has to offer!  

So I look forward to today and the extra opportunity to express my love to my family.  They have added so much to my life and I would be empty without them.

Happy Valentine's Day. From my little loves to you!