Sunday, February 9, 2014

It's His Birthday Recap!

We sure do love Birthday's around here and we all look forward to celebrating the birthday boy or girl!  

Eli's actual birthday we were up bright and early to surprise him with birthday cake waffles for breakfast!  

Something Peter and I enjoy doing for the kids birthdays is to take just the out for their day and do something fun with them.  One on one time with the kids is hard to come by so it is something that is greatly enjoyed by all of us!

First stop after dropping brother and sister off at Grandma's for the day was to lunch! Eli loves his french fries and chicken!

What Eli really wanted to do was go to the zoo but since the weather was very cold he was willing to settle for a movie.  He was so excited to see some snow falling on his day!  

Then we settled in to see Frozen!  Daddy and Mommy were even pretty excited about this movie!

After the movie it was off to the big toy store where Eli got to pick out his birthday present. It was a bit overwhelming but our big 3 year old knew exactly what he wanted. We were so surprised that it was not in fact superheroes leaving with us but a pretty cool wooden train set!

We had a few more fun birthday surprises up our sleeves but our poor little birthday boy was all tuckered out after a day full of fun. He really just wanted to get home to play with his trains.  So, since it was his day, we obliged.  

The day after his birthday it was off to the doctor for his 3 year check up.  He's growing great and even a bit above average now!  37 1/2" tall and 32 lbs. Way to grow Eli!  All was great even if our little man did get stuck with a diagnosis for asthma.  We knew it was coming and hopefully he'll out grow it in a few years like his daddy did when he was little. 

After a few more days of waiting, our little spider man got to have his big boy party!  Now there are two things our little guy loves - Building things and Spiderman.  Up to about a month ago, this party was being planned as a construction party before our little boy informed us that he was going to be having a spiderman party.  Oookay then!  So Spiderman it was and I must say it turned out pretty good and Eli was in heaven!

We got a little bit snowed in for our party, having the biggest snow fall for our area in several years. Unfortunately that meant that most party goer's couldn't make it but we still had a wonderful birthday party for our man!

My mom outdid herself yet again with the cake! 

Sabrina seemed like such a big girl just sitting in her chair watching big brother open his birthday presents!  All my kids are growing up far faster than I would like.

                                           Then it was time for some webbing fun!

                  And some birthday cake!  It was a fabulous party for a fabulous little boy!