Tuesday, February 4, 2014

He's 3!

Somewhere, in the busyness of life we're back to February 4th.  The day I gave birth to this little sweet guy 3 years ago.

Those first few hours of your life are forever ingrained into my mind.  The days were tense and scary. But you were a tough little cookie!

And now here you are 3 years old!  You've grown up so much lately and have left the baby days behind in favor of super heroes and "fixing" things around the house.  You are a big helper and love to be mommy's sidekick.

You're so stubborn at times that some would think you were born of two stubborn parents.  You have the cutest little scowl that as much as you wish we would, we just can't take serious!

 There just aren't words quite right to describe you.  But the word that comes to everyone's tongue is sweet!  You have the sweetest little giggle and smile.  You spend most of your time content to play quietly with cars, or rescue bots, or your numerous tools laying around the house.  And we just can't get over that adorable curly hair!

You absolutely love Spiderman and there's just no other way to put it but you love everything that is "all boy".  You love balls and sports and wrestling and dirt.  Throw in some action figures and cars and you are good to go!  It is so fun to watch your personality and likes and dislikes develop as you begin to become your own person!

We love you spiderman!  You've brought us so much joy and more snuggles than we can count!  We're very blessed to have you in our lives and know you were a precious miracle that God watched over and protected for us.  He must have some big plans for you!