Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Fruit Loop

We have a yearly tradition every fall of heading to Hood River and enjoying the Fruit Loop. The fruit loop is a series of about 30 farms to walk through and buy fresh fruit and enjoy their fall festivities! This year was extra special as it was the first time we got to enjoy this tradition with a little one.

Farmer Mal

We brought home 27 lbs of my very favorite apple in the world - HoneyCrisp to make some applesauce! We love those fresh farm prices!!!

Overall, I think Malachi had a great day, although he was sick of the carseat by the time we got home and he was exhausted (as was I!) He went down around 6:00 at night and we tried to wake him up around 7:15 but he was very upset at us for doing that, so into his jammies he went and back to sleep-sleep land. He was out for 13 hours or so - a very tuckered out little boy for sure!!!


Jenny said...

Such great pictures! And I am beyond jealous of your honeycrisps... We have to buy ours in the store and they're always 2.99 a pound :-( They are my ABSOLUTE favorite apples EVER!

Maria Delgado said...

awwww! So sweet!