Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Ornery Child!

Well little baby Keyser sure gave me the scare yesterday! Last week I was supposed to go in for my every 4 week OB appointment. My appointment got cancelled twice last week because my doctor was busy delivering babies! So I was rescheduled for this week.

So yesterday I went in for my appointment. I am just shy of 17 weeks. Right when I got there the doctor was running out to deliver a baby. They told me I could wait probably about 30 minutes or I could reschedule. I figured it would be easier just to wait. Well, 30 minutes turned in to 2 hours of waiting. My doctor felt so bad and kept apologizing. She said this was her 3rd delivery of the day and she had one more woman who was close to bring that number up to 4 for the day and she was already at 33 babies for the month! She was so tired and was just praying that no other woman would go in to labor that night.

So on to my visit: She brought in the doppler and started searching for the little baby's heartbeat. I expected that she would find it easily since 5 weeks ago she found it instantly. She searched and searched and searched. She made me cough several times but still just silence. I was starting to get nervous as I knew the silence was not a good sign. By almost 17 weeks, there should be no problem finding a heartbeat. She kept searching and was asking me if I was still experiencing any pregnancy symptoms. I knew why she was asking.

Finally she gave up on the doppler and said she would go get the ultrasound machine. I was really nervous at this point. I just couldn't imagine this was going to end well and I could tell the doctor was concerned. I had a flurry of thoughts while she was gone. She started with the ultrasound machine tilted away from me...... typical when there is concern. Finally she said "THAT is an ornery baby." She was surprised to see the baby in a really tight tucked ball with his/her head between their legs. She finally let me see the heart beating away. The baby finally untucked and started waving his/her hands above their head and the doctor was laughing because the baby was shaking their booty at us. I was so relieved and we were both laughing at how ornery this kid was. The doctor kept talking to the baby, explaining how tired she was and she did not need this little one being difficult and scaring us. She told me "I feel sorry for you. You have to raise this one." We were both very relieved.

This was the final shot we got of our ornery baby. His/her hands are above their head and s/he has their foot resting on their opposite knee in a totally relaxed state. I figured since Malachi is behaving so well that this one is bound to give us a hard time :) Bring it on!

Seriously though, I am so relieved that everything is okay. I am already so attached to this little one and thinking that this life was gone, even for a brief moment was really hard. While we were waiting for Malachi, I had to give all control over to God. I quickly realized that my children were God's and anytime I am given with them is completely up to God. I have had that same outlook with this pregnancy. At just 4 weeks pregnant, I was so nervous about the many things that could go wrong in the coming weeks. I gave this little one over at that time and decided I would enjoy everyday I was given with this little one, regardless of how long I had them.

Fortunately, this life is still with us and last night ended much better than it could have. I am so thankful for both of my little one's!


Jenny said...

Whoa! I would have been shaking out of my skin by the time she finally found the heartbeat!!!! So glad everything looks perfect!

Platinum Rose said...

OH WOW! That must have absolutely scared you to death! I can't imagine. Thank God everything is ok! I can't believe you are already 17 weeks along...

Maria Delgado said...

OH MY WORD! baby, you shouldn't scare Mommy like that! ;)