Saturday, April 24, 2010


This week has been quite the exciting week! We became #1 on Wednesday of this week! Since then we have experienced great excitement! I can hardly keep the tears back when I think about seeing Dash's face for the first time. Even Peter is very anxious. He describes this feeling as "being on when playing Bingo." You know you are about to win, but you might not. Now the difference with our situation right now is that we know we WILL win, we just don't know when. Every day is filled with great excitement and anticipation. As the afternoon wears on, it gets so hard - knowing we will have to wait at least another day before seeing our baby.

We don't know where we stand on the one trip verse two trip policy. We know things are going to be VERY close. We plan on getting our referral paperwork sent back very quickly and hopefully we can get our case opened at court before the May 9th deadline. We trust God regardless, he will definitely have to carry us through that emotional journey and provide financially if we must travel twice. If we do in fact have to travel twice there is a very good chance we will be in Ethiopia in about a month! Now that is an exciting thought, but there is so much to do if that is the case!!!

To help distract us over the weekend we are going to get outside and get some yard work done. Neither one of us is a big fan of pulling weeds, but it must get done. We had a yard guy come over last month and he pulled weeds - we loved it but now that we are trying to save money for Baby Chip - we need to do it ourselves. Hopefully it will help make the weekend go by faster.

We also plan on watching a video series on attachment and bonding with a baby. It is from the lady who wrote The Connected Child - so that should be fabulous and maybe we will wash and clean our dirty cars. Anything to get us through this weekend :) Hoping we get our referral on Monday. It is my mom's birthday and I think that would be the BEST birthday present!!!


Maria Delgado said...

So cool!!!!!!!!!

Platinum Rose said...

Congratulations on being #1 now!!!!!

That stinks you will probably be the first adoptive family hit with having to make two trips though, I am so sorry to hear that!