Friday, November 20, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

So the Holiday's are here once again. I have to admit that most years I do not look forward to the holiday's like I am this year. I think last year we just really missed out on the holiday's because we were re-modeling our new house and moving and we didn't get to decorate last year. So this year I think the holiday's are going to be a great time and so with that here is my list

My 10 favorite things about the holidays:

1) Getting a 5 day weekend for Thanksgiving

2) Thanksgiving: spending time with family, pies, pies, pies, playing Bingo for candy bars

3) Black Friday Shopping. Not that we have anything specific to shop for but it is always fun to run around in the middle of the night trying to find great deals!

4) Decorating the house for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. This will be the first time we get to decorate this house and I am looking forward to it!

5) Homemade Fudge - It's one recipe that I'm good at!

6) Watching our wait list numbers get lower and lower

7) Getting more days off over Christmas and New Year's

8) Watching college football bowl games (go beavs)

9) Spending time with family over Christmas, watching my niece's open presents

10) Meeting my newest little niece or nephew on January 4th, right after the holidays!

Lots to look forward to and anticipate this Holiday Season!!!