Friday, November 20, 2009

The Perfect Nursery

So Peter and I have had lots of time to figure out what we wanted to do in our baby's nursery. We really wanted to pursue a Disney theme (go figure) and use all of the toys we had collected for our wedding reception. Each table at our reception had a different Disney movie theme to it so now we have all of these leftover toy sets. We knew our kids (who will hopefully love Disney as much as their parents do) would appreciate these toys.

I see lots of different colors everyday at work and a long time ago I found four colors that I call my happy colors and they make me smile when I see them. I told Peter that I really wanted to incorporate these colors into our nursery. So we had our inspiration of theme and colors. The next challenge was for me to get caught up on my scrap booking so we could take apart my scrapbook room and turn it into our baby's nursery.
This was no easy task:

I finally got caught up on the scrap booking and so we were able to go out and buy paint. My favorite "happy color" from work is a blue color. It would be no surprise to anyone who walks around my house that I like the color blue. So another blue room it is!!! While blue can be considered a cold color research studies have shown that blue is the best color for a bedroom because of its soothing nature. With our bedroom and the baby's bedroom being blue, lets hope that holds true and we all get some good sleep patterns developed early on :)

So we finished up our base coats of blue. We loved the color and so we were able to start on the decorative painting. First part of the decorative painting was finding round objects of all different sizes. A quick run around of the house (Which was kind of fun) and we had lots of objects to choose from:

I let Peter do all the detail work. He did a great job of tracing perfectly round circles. The best idea we had though, was being sure to mark each circle with a piece of tape so we knew where they all were. Great tip if you are going to try something like this :)

After marking them, we assigned each circle their color and got moving! We started with the orange circles which proved to be the most difficult color. 3 coats of paint on these darn orange circles.

Next color up was green, which was fortunately a great color to work with and after only 1 coat of paint looked fabulous!!

Last was the red, which I admit I was concerned about. It was a very bold color but I think it gave the wall the final flare it needed!!! Red was the typical color and took 2 coats of paint. It all evened out in the end. Again, I gave Peter the difficult job and he traced the outside of the circles and I filled them in. We had to personalize the wall with a little Disney touch of our own with a hidden Mickey for our baby :) (Can you see it?)

After cleaning the carpets we were able to put the baby's crib together. Cribs can be very expensive but we found a crib at a great price on that we really liked. I was even more pleased when I went back a few weeks later and found our favorite crib with a great sale price attached to it complete with free shipping!!! Peter got to assemble his first of many baby items. No pressure when you are assembling something that is for your baby to sleep in :)

My mom and I went shopping a few weeks ago to my new personal favorite store - Babiesrus and we found bedding and decor that perfectly matched my colors and theme on CLEARANCE!!! Whoohoo!!!

The missing link for the wall came yesterday in the mail. The open space in the wall was reserved for us to add a wall decal of a favorite Disney quote.

I love how it is all turning out. I couldn't be happier with it actually!!! The final steps to the Disney Nursery are going to be shelving around the walls where we can display all of our Disney toys (uh, I mean the baby's Disney toys) and we also need to frame and hang the 4 Disney ride attraction photos we bought on our last journey to Disneyland but we can really see it all coming together. Getting ready for the very final touch but that is on back order from Ethiopia right now and we can't wait!!!