Monday, March 31, 2008

April - the month we've been waiting for!!!

Time continues to fly in the Keyser household. I can't believe that April really is here (or will be here in the next few hours) and that my husband will be done with school forever in less then 30 days!!! In exactly one month Peter and I will be boarding an airplane to paradise and relaxation and we are sooo ready to get out of here for a few days!!

Peter has entered the last hurra for school. He has three weeks of classes yet and a week of finals where he actually only has one class that is requiring him to take the final. Today he is actually completing two of his classes - one his business capstone class and one being a lecture. So two less classes after today. Next week he has his General Education Final Presentation due and then he just has to show up to the remaining classes - The week after next he has his big Business Capstone Final Presentation and then he will be done with that class. Things are really narrowing down here and the end is definitely in sight. I cannot even explain how excited we both are!!!

Peter's job looks to be secure for now which is a huge answer to prayer. The mill sold and today was actually the day that everything went through. They did do a round of layoffs and that had us both a little worried. When I talked to Peter at lunch today he was telling me that they were firing people and he told me that every time someone walked by everyone got a little nervous. I tried calling him at my break later on in the day and he didn't answer his phone and that worried me even more. He was in a meeting and they were letting them know that they had let all of the people go that they were planning on letting go.

He also got his official start date for KPMG - October 6th - still a ways to go, but nice to be able to countdown.

We are starting to make plans and arrangements for graduation announcements and graduation parties and such. This is definitely an exciting time and I definitely want to celebrate it being over :) We are also busily preparing for our vacation that will be here before we know it!!!

Time keeps flying and I need to update more often. The past two weeks were busy with the Chinchilla's First Birthday, my Birthday, Easter Celebration, Spring Break, and getting a terrible cold bug!!! There is the very brief version of March - will definitely have more to talk about the whole month of April!!!