Friday, March 7, 2008

Wow - where is all the time going?!? Has anyone noticed that ticker on the sidebar! Time is going so fast - like we knew it would and we are almost there!!! The weather is getting nicer and everything just seems to be going so well right now. A little sidenote - please be praying for Peter right now. George Fox is being your typical college right now and being difficult with Peter's last 2 credits he needs to be able to sit for the CPA exam (which he is planning on doing this summer). He has enough credits to graduate, but he was told that he was allowed more internship credits then they are letting him have now. If he doesn't get these two credits then we have to sign up for yet another class at Chemeketta for the next term which is just a waste of money out of our pocket (that we definitely could do without). One of his professors was under the same assumption that Peter was under with credits and he is going to try to get Peter the credits - so keeping our fingers crossed. I think we are both so annoyed with all of the little things that the college institute sucks out of you, but it is almost over and we can't wait!!!

Things at work are still up in the air with the security stuff. We have to sign in and out of buildings and wear nametags at all times. I forgot my lunch the other day and Peter dropped it off and left it in the jeep and so I had to sign out of my building at 8:15 and I signed back in at 8:16. We are only allowed to use two entrances to our building and there is someone sitting at those entrances. There are still armed security guards throughout the building and I am not sure if that is a permenant measure or not. They are telling us that these measures will continue until we go to name badges with barcodes to scan to get into the building, but that is going to take some time. They are still trying to figure out who did this and the assumption is that it is someone from our building.

We are starting to get things together for Jamaica. We have made a list of places to eat at and what to order and fun tips about different places and things to do. We definitely live for our vacation days right now!!! We have also booked a few days off for our anniversary again this year. Who knows where we will go - but probably will just go away to the beach for a couple of nights!!! We love just getting away together and spending time together that we don't get during the week. We really don't see a whole lot of each other - in fact most of the time Sunday is our only day together and then once the week begins again, Peter isn't home until later at night. I think this is just preparing us for Peter working in Portland and getting home late :)

This weekend we don't have a whole lot planned. I started 4 tens two weeks ago and am loving my three day weekend - I get so much accomplished before most people's weekends even begin. If the weather permits we may begin some of the work in our yard (still trying to get a yard in - going on 2 years now). Since Peter will be taking prep courses every Saturday for almost 9 months for the CPA exams we will not be able to do much yardwork on the weekends so every little bit we can do when we have time is going to help!!!