Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Hawaii - Part 4

Holy flu bug that wiped through the house! We are finally feeling back to normal around here so time to get back to posting some updates!

We tried to see as much of the Island as we could while we were there. The sheer number of kids and age of the kids made some sightseeing (like boat tours or helicopter tours) difficult so we made the most of what we could do from land!

This particular day we got an early start, I ran out of the car to check the beach for turtles as we were most likely to see them before sunrise. No turtles but I did get a pretty view of the sun rising over the shore line.

Then we stopped for the most amazing breakfast before driving off to tour the grand canyon of the island. The weather for most of our trip was cooler than usual. It wasn't a problem most of the time because the beaches were still warm enough for us Oregonians but it was pretty darn cold and windy up on top of the mountains. So we made a quick trip out to see the views and then back to the car to warm up!


A slight windchill!  Brr!

We eventually found our way up to the end of the where we could see just a bit of the amazing Napali coast! It sure was gorgeous! 

Eventually we made our way down from the cool mountains back to the beach where it was nice and warm. We had an amazing lunch at chicken in a barrel (the kids still talk about wanting to go back there for that amazing roasted chicken) and what would become a daily stop - shaved ice at JoJo's! 

It was a pretty darn perfect day as after the mountains and lunch we made our way to the beach and stayed until sunset. I thought it was pretty fun that I saw the sunrise from the beach and the sunset too. We were loving every second of our time in Paradise!