Thursday, February 21, 2019

Hawaii - Part 3

Look at that amazing sunrise I got to watch on our next morning in paradise! 

Once everyone was up, we were ready to go hiking! I had read about this hike that was super close to our house and was supposed to be an easy hike with kids. However my recollection of distance was off and the hike was considerably longer than I thought it was supposed to be. The kids were serious troopers on this 6 mile hike in the sun!  The views and terrain were really cool though! 

There was a reward at the end waiting for them though! A really cool little cave! 

And a tortoise farm where the kids could get up close and personal!

And good news on the way back, the clouds rolled in and gave us some relief on the trip back when we needed it most! The hike was much more than we expected but the kids pushed through with minimal complaint.

I told the kids they could jump in the pool as soon as they got back, even though it was a bit cold by the time we made it back to the house they still took me up on the offer! 

Everyone got cleaned up and then it was time to rest. Well as much rest as the kids would allow for us!


The weather was still windy (a theme that would hold for the rest of our trip) and a bit cold that evening so we brainstormed some other things we could do that evening, including a quick stop to check out Spouting Horn.

About a 20 minute drive west and we had found the sunshine again at Hanapepe's Art night. We grabbed some yummy dinner at Porky's where we had pulled pork hot dogs and grilled cheese, checked out the famous bridge, and had shaved ice of course. It ended up being a beautiful evening indeed!