Wednesday, November 21, 2018

San Diego - Part 1

One of the biggest challenges of having a big family is making sure you can give each of your kids the one on one time they need. I often feel like a failure in this area and I know it may be an impossible desire but we still want to try. One way in which we decided to try and cultivate this time, is special one on one trips with each kid. Last year Malachi came with us to Chicago and this year it was Eli's turn to come with us to San Diego!

Traveling with Eli is pretty fun because he's a guy who is up for anything and wants to gulp vacation time to its fullest. He is go go go and wants to see and do everything. Our first day we flew out bright and early!

Then it was off to see all the ships!

A dream come true for him to get to be on a real pirate ship!

On the drive back to the hotel the early flight caught up to him

But a quick little nap was enough and he was back at it

I knew that Eli loved time at the beach and so we decided we needed to stay at a place close to the beach so that he could spend our down time there. This worked out really well for us! 

Day 2 he really wanted to spend the day at Sea World so that is where we went! And even though it wasn't warm yet he wanted to do the water ride first thing!

and they got soaked but were still smiling! 

Eli has done all the rollercoasters at Disneyland and loved them, but this was his first time on a real big roller coaster and he loved every second of it! 

He was too scared to touch the sharks at the beginning of the day, but we couldn't get him away from the tank by evening.

And these guys were lots of fun nibbling and cleaning our hands.