Monday, September 11, 2017

Labor Day Weekend

We had a fun and busy extended Labor Day weekend down at Peter's Grandma's house.  The kids look forward to visiting every year and there's always plenty for them to explore and do.  There's far more photos of the sunsets than are necessary, but the only good thing about the smoky sky in the area is the beautiful sunsets and we had a perfect view to enjoy them! 

We also stopped for one extra night to see my parents who were staying on the northern part of the coast.  That was nice because it was a halfway stop on the drive home so it was broken up nicely! Hard to see but the whales were all over out in the water and it was so cool to see them so close to shore!

Peter and my Dad went out bottom fishing and crabbing the next day! The kids loved all the crab! 

And a little bit of pool time before heading home!  Love our family time away!