Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Foster Pup #41 - Icon

Well we did a terrible job of photographing this little guy.  He came during a busy week.  In my opinion he was so ugly he was adorable!  We felt so bad for him as he didn't have any active fleas or ticks but his poor little body was covered in healing bites. Very sweet, a little shy but adored the kids and well, he was a little bit yappy so he was one of the few pups who got to spend the night in his kennel out in the garage.  But all in all, very sweet little boy. I felt bad for him because he was returned by families twice after they said they would adopt him.  This does happen from time to time as people aren't up for the challenge of puppy hood, but seriously, twice?!?  Fortunately 3rd time seems like the charm and he has found his home!  As usual, Eli adored him and the pup was quite fond of Eli too!