Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Memories

Christmas is always a fun time of year with kids at the ages ours are.  We all were really looking forward to it and the kids were spoiled ROTTEN by their grandparents this year!  

It started with our Christmas Eve tradition at my grandma's house.

On Christmas morning we were up before dawn assuming our children would be up to join us as they typically are up before us.  Go figure, the parents were up at 5:30 only to have the children sleep until 7:15 on this specific morning.  But we had some nice quiet time together before the sun was even up! 

Then it was Christmas morning fun!

Before long we were joined by Peter's family for Lefsa and presents and games. 

We sent them all on a silly scavenger hunt and got some great pictures!

The biggest surprise of the day was that Rachel's water broke Christmas morning! We were all expecting a Christmas day baby at this point, but miss Matilda held out until after midnight.  We had another busy day after Christmas but we were thrilled to get to see her quickly before the next festivities began! 

And then it was time for my family to come over and celebrate Christmas with us on the 26th! This was the 3rd time our tree was restocked with presents.....

All in all it was a very fun and special Christmas. Us parents are exhausted but I think we've finally found places for all the new toys and are ready to move on and look forward to 2017!