Saturday, June 18, 2016

Happy Father's Day Peter

It's no secret that I married a man who has turned into a fantastic father.  He jumped in full steam ahead into all the crazy that grew into our family. He loves and cares wonderfully for all children who need a little fatherly love, whether for a brief moment in time or forever!  He is open to loving and caring for any child God calls him to love!  

All it takes is a brief moment of looking through photos in my phone to show the kind of love this man has for his family.  It's in the precious hugs for our very needy toddler.  He's always willing to pick her up and offer her those much desired snuggles she seeks from him in the evening. 

It's in the brief conversations and moments with our growing boys out and about picking berries and working alongside one another!

It's in the hard work during the brief time he has on the weekends and evenings after work to build something special for our kids to enjoy.

It's in the special one on one guy time he sets aside to take our son's out on some one on one time and to acknowledge the important member of the family that they are!

It's in the snuggles at the ER, where she trusts her daddy's arms to protect her and keep her safe from harm. 

I and my children are so, so blessed by this man.  He takes such good care of us and loves so well. He is the strong foundation of this family. I am truly honored to call him my husband and the father of my precious children!  

For fun, I interviewed the kiddo's again and asked a few questions about their Daddy.  LB is too little to answer just yet, but we have Malachi at 6 years old, Eli at 5, and Sabrina at 4.

What is Daddy's favorite food?
Mal:  Chili Mac
Eli: Sandwiches 
Bina: Chicken
What is Daddy's favorite drink?
Mal: Soda 
Eli: Soda
Bina: Water

What is Daddy's favorite color?
Mal: White Orange and Green 
Eli:  All the colors
Bina: Blue 

What is Daddy's name?
Mal: Peter
Eli:  Peter, I already know it
Bina: Peter

How tall is Daddy?
Mal: 6 ft tall 
Eli:  I don't know what number he is on
Bina: I don't know, how tall is Daddy?

How much does daddy weigh?
Mal: I don't know, this is funny 
Eli:  I don't know what number
Bina: 6 

What color is Daddy's hair?
Mal: Okay, that is easy brown 
Eli:  Black, I think it's black
Bina: I don't know, what color is Daddy's hair?

What color are Daddy's eyes?
Mal:  Blue 
Eli: brown i think
Bina: I don't know 

What does Daddy do at work?
Mal: works on numbers
Eli: works on his computer
Bina: Works on his compooter

What is Daddy's favorite thing to do?
Mal: kiss you (with hysterical laughter) 
Eli: I think work
Bina: Play ball with us 

What is Daddy's favorite sport?
Mal: basketball
Eli:  I don't know 
Bina:  I don't know
What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy?
Mal:  play ball 
Eli: Play Ball
Bina: Build the park and play on the park, when he pushes me on the swing. 

Where does Daddy like to go?
Mal: Taco Bell
Eli:  to work
Bina:  Shopping 

Why do you love Daddy?
Mal: Because he adopted me
Eli: I just love him
Bina:  Because he plays ball with us