Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Eagle Crest 2015

A relaxing, and longer than a weekend vacation away with the kids, is a rare treat.  We have been looking very forward to our scheduled trip to Eagle Crest Resort with the kids. Peter and I have loved our trips down there as a couple and we knew with the kids getting older that they would really love this place too. My parents were down there at Eagle Crest too, so it made for a fun little getaway!  

One of my most favorite parts of Eagle Crest are the units.  A challenge with our family is finding a place big enough to fit us all in and still be affordable.  But Eagle Crest is the perfect size for us!

                                                     All the kids piled into their room!

                             And we got our own room!  A rare treat when vacationing with the kids!

Another of my most favorite parts is the jacuzzi tub. Yes, I have one at home too but I rarely have time to use it.  But on vacation, I have plenty of time to relax and read books in the tub!  That's my idea of relaxation!

Eagle Crest is also a blast because there is just so darn much for the kids do!  We had barely checked in and it was time to hit one of the pools!

Eli spent a lot of time looking for deer.  Fortunately it didn't take too long before they came around!

                               There are also numerous parks for the kids to run and play at!

They would get just a little tired!

More fun poolside for Lillybelle. I am sure she will have a bit more fun the next time we come.

Look at that smile for daddy! 

They loved lunches on the deck while watching the golfers. 

And their friendly deer they nicknamed "Buddy"

We hiked and wore them out in the canyon! 

And chased Lizards

There were lots of lil baby deer for the kids to look at.  Eli thought they looked like donkeys. The deer are everywhere!

We love how beautiful it is out here. Maybe dreaming of a vacation home down here when we retire.  We could split our time between Eagle Crest and Ethiopia ;) 

Feeding the ducks (and geese)

And feeding "buddy"

He stopped by nightly at my parents condo and would peek in at them until they would come out and feed him some apples. 

It has truly been a wonderful vacation and it was soooo needed for our family. We've had so much fun together and are feeling relaxed and excited to head into fall!  Already dreaming about next time and the kids are begging for us to bring them back!