Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer Project #1 Complete!

It seems we will never reach the light at the end of the tunnel with this yard of ours.  It is a true blessing because it is so big, but with it being vacant for several years, it needed a lot of TLC. This is now our 3rd summer in our home and little by little we are making progress!  

The first project of this summer was going to be taking a tree out of the front yard, but old mother nature took care of that one for us last winter.  And demolished the fence in the process.  This is all okay because we were going to be replacing the fence anyway.

So as soon as the weather made the turn for the year, we were on top of this fence project!  It was badly needed to keep the kids safe and secure.  In total, I think it was 4 weekends and about 13 days of work to complete!  But we are so happy with the end result! 

                                                   We had some amazing little helpers!

And sometimes adjustments had to be made at the last minute: 

                                                                      It looks amazing right?

Clearly there is still much work to be done!  But time for some R&R before we conquer the next big project. Stay tuned!