Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ireland Day 4

This was another fun day in Ireland. I continue to stand amazed at how gorgeous the weather has been for.  When you plan a trip to Ireland you prepare for rain and we haven't had a drop of it besides our first morning here!  Dare I say, it has actually been hot and we've been relying on opening our window to cool off the room in the evening!

I'm definitely still not on the right schedule. I've been staying up way too late and sleeping in really late. After entertaining myself during the day, I caught a bus to meet up with Peter and his coworkers for our Traditional Irish night at Bunratty Castle. 

The history of this castle is kind of cool.  This is actually the 4th castle to stand at Bunratty.  The first was built in the 1200's and after seeing many battles with other castles being built and falling, this one was built in the 1400's and has been fortunate to still be standing today! 

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get to tour the castle because they do a medieval banquet there twice a night so they shut the tours down pretty early in the afternoon. But I was able to get a picture of her!  Then it was on to our dinner night!  

The dinner night was about a 3 hour dinner of traditional Irish foods and a show!  We were served Irish Cream, Brown Bread, Salad, Irish Lamb Stew and Potatoes, and Apple Pie with fresh cream for dessert with tea!  

The entertainment was a combination of story telling, jokes, songs, and Irish dancing!  It was fun! 


Brittny Loveless said...

I've loved your recaps and pictures and am so happy you guys are having such a good time. Enjoy the rest of this wonderful trip!!