Saturday, April 26, 2014

So How's the Adoption Going?

I figure it is well past time for this blog to get an update on the adoption as I am sure since I have been asked often how things are going, that there might be some curious readers.

We've been home study approved for a little bit over a month.  Most of the paperwork is behind us, which is the part of the process I dread the most!  We've networked with about 8 different agencies at this point and are just waiting to be matched with our birth mother at this point.  These last couple weeks have been very quiet with new cases, so I am hoping things will liven up a bit more here soon.  It's a weird mix of emotions to read through the bio's of these birth mom's and get a glimpse into the hard things they've gone though.  It's also a huge responsibility to try and decide which cases are a good fit for us and are one's we would like to be presented on.  Our timeline is very open right now.  We could match very soon and have a baby in our arms, or we could be waiting several more months.  I oddly haven't been to stressed yet as I know and trust that God will line up the pieces to come together just when they need to.  I have a completely different state of mind and faith than I had with our first adoption :)  Guess I've grown up a bit!

We also continue to fundraise.  We've done a lot of different things so far and are gearing up for a garage sale and auction here soon.  We were also awarded a significant matching grant this past week and are so thankful and know it will help us immensely.

To stay up to date on the most recent adoption news and learn more about our matching grant, you are welcome to check out our adoption blog