Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Malachi turns 4!

In the blink of an eye, our sweet little Malachi has grown into a funny, sweet, kind 4 year old little boy!  I feel like these last couple months he has really transformed into a young boy instead of a toddler.  I already feel like the age of 4 is going to be wonderful and fun!  

Per our family tradition, Peter was able to take the day off work so we could lavish a little bit of extra love and attention on the birthday boy!  The morning started off with some Birthday Cake Cinnamon Rolls, complete with 4 candles which was the funnest part for this kid!

Then it was off to the toy store so he could pick out a special gift for his birthday. This year he picked out an Iron Man toy, a rescue bots leap pad game, and Iron Man 2 (seeing a theme here?).  Then we were off to a yummy lunch of Malachi's favorite food - cheeseburgers and french fries!

After a good lunch, we were off to the movie theater to watch The Lego Movie and eat lots of popcorn!

And then a yummy stop for a free ice cream scoop, of which he chose rainbow sherbet.  He is such a cutie and it was so great to get to spend a special day just with him!

But in the end, no day is complete if these boys aren't together.  They had a lot of fun checking out Mal's new game when he came home. I love the bond these two guys share!  God wrote a wonderful story when He gave us these two!

We also had Malachi's Birthday Party over the weekend. Any guess of the theme?

Malachi was totally mesmerized by his Iron Man cake!  4 is such a fun age for Birthday's!

                                                         Sabrina enjoyed the party too!

         Poor Eli was enjoying himself, until he got in a fight with a chair and got a nice black eye. Then he looked like one tough Captain America!

It has been a wonderful week of celebrating Malachi and all the joy he has brought to our life!

Malachi,  We love you so very much.  I remember the agony we felt 4 years ago as we were waiting for much longer to see your face than we anticipated. Little did we know, you were just entering the world and the day would come so soon where just your existence brought us wonderful joy!  Today is a mix of emotions as I think about your birth mom and how much I wish she could she the beautiful little boy you have grown into.  I wish I could tell her about how smart you are, or how funny your sense of humor is.  How kind you are to your little brother and sister.  Or how much you love Jesus.  We are so proud and happy to be your parents!  You have blessed us so very much in these first 4 years of your life and I know you will continue to be a blessing to us all the days of our life.  Happy Birthday sweet boy!  Here's to a fabulous year four!