Sunday, July 28, 2013

Another Race Day!

Today Peter and I ran another very small race in our hometown for the Old Fashioned Festival.  It was a small little fundraiser 5K for youth track which is something I know Peter is passionate about as he raises his children here!

This was a nice hilly 3 mile course down some back roads in town.  It was definitely a trickier course than my first two 5K routes.  Since I am currently training for a 10K I haven't worked as much on speed as I would have liked to, but it was fun to see where I was.  I definitely felt a lot better with my race today and was able to knock a whole 3 minutes off of my last 5K time even if I still ended in the bottom half of the crowd ;)

I finished this race in 31 minutes which got me right to my goal speed of 10 minute miles!  After this 10K at the end of the month I look forward to getting down to some serious speed work for my next 5K!  I feel good about how I did and the progress I continue to make!

Peter ran another great race.  He's mostly worked through his injuries and has moved right along with his half marathon training.  He finished this race in 22 minutes, close to a 7 minute mile pace and took 2nd in his age group!  I don't think he was really all that thrilled with that time, but I still think he did great!

Another great thing is there were lots of door prizes to be won!  Peter won 2 swim passes and I won a hat and a bucket of balls at our local golf course! Onward and upward with our training from here. I ran 7 miles last week (still can't  believe I did that!) and Peter ran a whopping 14 miles!   I'm really proud that we're sticking with this and steadily improving!