Thursday, July 18, 2013

15 Months

Oh Princess Bina, how you continue to delight your daddy and I so much and already 15 whole months old!  

I still don't believe there is a sweeter baby on this planet!  My boys were and have been totally awesome kids but there is just something special about this baby girl that makes her stand out as just a lil sweetie!  I may be a bit partial in my thinking, but I must say there is something special about having a baby girl!

Sabrina now weighs 21 lbs 5 ounces, putting her in the 10-25%.  She's been steady in that percentile all along so no surprises there.  

As far as eating goes these past 3 months, she quickly gave up the bottles after turning a year old. It was actually a nice change of pace after 3 consecutive years of bottles to be done with them (for awhile).  She is now completely on people food and loves just about everything. She is a very good little eater and I can't really think of anything she doesn't like. She eats it all!

She is still an awesome sleeper!  Sleeping 12-14 hours at night and 2-3 hour naps!

Another huge milestone we met is that Bina baby is now a full on walker and almost runner!  She keeps right up with those big brother's of hers now!  She is becoming less and less of a baby and more and more of a toddler, much as it makes me sad to see.

She has quite the little personality.  She is usually very happy and content with life.  She also does some of the funniest things and loves to make us laugh at her (she laughs right along too!)  She may be my little princess but she loves to play in the dirt (which our yard has lots of) and she loved everything about the beach!  She is also very tough and very stubborn and will be able to keep up with those brother's just fine.  She kind of growls at them when they are in her space and taking her toys or food.  But there are also some definite traits that are all girl in her. She is definitely a lot more sensitive than either of the boys were and at the slightest correction bursts into the saddest of tears.  She is still a major Mama's girl and loves to snuggle with me, which keeps me quite happy!

Another big change in the last 3 months is that she went from 0 teeth to 7 teeth!  Her teething has been quite entertaining to watch.  First she got the typical bottom teeth, then she got her "vampire teeth" as I call them up top.  Then she got 2 molars on the bottom and is now getting her top 2 teeth.  Silly girl!  We have enjoyed the silly vampire smile!

All that to say, I have loved every second of Sabrina's life over these past 15 months.  I feel so blessed that God gave us this precious little girl!  She has certainly stole my heart!