Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Plugging Along

We are still inching closer and closer to the big day around here. We are getting lots of things crossed off our list and I have even had this amazing improvement in my energy level which has really helped in getting things organized around here! I still feel so far behind on organization since Malachi came home.

We are living life with a due date in front of us (7 weeks until due date, 4 until "full term") and we can't really see beyond that right now. We can't predict what the future is going to look like 2 months from now. We just know we will be going back into survival mode :)

We sit and marvel at the realization that in just a short few weeks we will have 2 babies. How do we get that reality to set in?!?

So in other stuff. This past weekend was Christmas in Ethiopia. We didn't do much of anything for it since Malachi is too little to understand but we did put him in one of the Ethiopian outfits that we got him while in Ethiopia. He loved the tassles on it and he looked adorable!

On Monday I went shopping with my mom to cross off most of the remaining items on our newborn get-list. I feel so much better having almost everything we need in the house! I also found a great new option for our dresser dilemma. We were having a hard time finding a dresser that would fit in the closet. We have no place for another dresser, but to have it in the closet. Plus we were not loving the prices of dressers. So we came up with a much cheaper solution and it seems it will work great! Yesterday I got Malachi's (soon to be the new baby's) room organized and washed all the itty bitty baby stuff and put it away. Now just wondering if we will be using the pink or blue stuff in there!

And Malachi wanted everyone to be sure and know that it is STILL his bedroom for now :)