Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Today both Malachi and I had doctor's appointments.

We started our morning off with Malachi going in for his 9 month check-up. He continues to follow the upper trend on the charts. He is now 30 1/4" long which leaves him way up in the 97% for height. He is also 23 lbs 12 oz which puts him in the 90% for weight. He is in perfect proportion and the doctor agrees that he is probably going to be a tall one!

Otherwise it was pretty uneventful. He is doing great developmentally and is right on target and even a little ahead in some areas! They don't typically do shots at the 9 month visit but we had to get a few to get him caught up. Now he is right where he should be with vaccines and we will be on the "normal" chart from here on. He was not a fan of getting looked at by the doctor so I had to hold him for most of it. He got upset when she looked in his ears and really did not like it when I had to lay him on the table for part of it. He definitely wanted mommy and yet again, it was no fun for baby or me to have to deal with the shot part.

I had my appointment this afternoon. Things are still going perfectly. I am doing a great job of controlling the gestational diabetes. The baby is measuring a little small at 32 weeks instead of 34 but I guess that isn't of concern since those measurements can be off. The heartbeat was in the 140's and baby is head down and may have even dropped. So everything seems to be progressing just as it should!

The baby is totally up in my ribs and it HURTS. We are definitely running out of room and I am starting to get really uncomfortable. When I sit I can't breathe and it pushes him/her farther up into my ribs and causes more pain. Being reclined or standing seems to be the most comfortable. I love this kid dearly, but I really would appreciate if s/he would move down a little more. But I am sure that the baby is just as uncomfortable as I am.

So there is our update on how our appointments went. I think we both passed with flying colors ;)


Maria Delgado said...

I may have missed this, but are u electing not to find out what baby is?

P.S. malachi looks SO CUTE!