Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Peter's First Father's Day

Sunday was Peter's First Father's Day. It is kind of hard to celebrate your first Father's Day thousands and thousands of miles away from your son.

So what can I say about Peter on his first Father's Day? Well, I know he is going to be a terrific father! I can already see that he loves his son with all of his heart! Some of my favorite moments are when we lay in bed right before turning off the light and stare at our son's face in the pictures next to the bed. I can see the pride in his eyes for our little boy!

There is no doubt he loves that little boy! Just yesterday he shared with me in the heartache of not passing court. He hurt and loves just as strongly as I do! I love hearing him pray for our son! He is truly thankful for this gift we've been given and he can't wait to get our son home!

Something I have always appreciated about Peter, even if I didn't like it at the time: Right after we got married, I was ready to start our family. Peter was not. Peter let me know that from the start. I pouted and complained a lot (years!) and he dealt with it. He always told me that he just wasn't ready yet and wanted to get us more established. He said how when he became a father, he wanted to be "all in". He has never taken the decision to be a father lightly. He has always wanted to be a great father and he is!

From the first moment we decided to adopt he has been "all in!". He's endured fundraiser after fundraiser. He's endured numerous background checks and a medical physical. He's tolerated a woman asking him very personal questions (he did amazing and did most of the talking during our homestudy!) He has tolerated my craziness throughout this whole process and even endured 5 or 6 shots for the cause and a nasty bug post vaccines! He is most definitely "all in" and I love seeing how excited he is to become a DAD!!!


Platinum Rose said...

How sweet, yet sad at the same time, to celebrate this day knowing you have your baby, but not physically with you yet.

My husband was definitely the same way as Peter, and I was the same way as you, about having babies. It was THE biggest thing we fought about the first years of our marriage. I really wanted a baby, he did NOT. It sucked having to wait on him to become ready!

Maria Delgado said...

Happy Fathers Day to him!

Kelli said...

Happy Father's Day to your hubs! Next year you will have that little boy in your arms for mother's and father's day! xoxo