Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So how is life on the home front as a stay at home wife? Blissful!!!

I seriously had no idea how relaxing life could be. I feel normal now! I honestly didn't realize just how much my job was stressing me out. On the surface it didn't seem too stressful, but always being pushed beyond what one is capable of doing in a normal work week and dealing with difficult people is very stressful! I feel so much better as a person now.

I really am a better wife. If momma ain't happy ain't nobody happy is SO TRUE! Now that I am relaxed and happy, Peter is more relaxed and happy which creates a much better marriage! Truly money will not make you happy. We have had to make some serious financial sacrifices to make this work, but I can already tell you that it is worth it!

I finally feel like I have time to take care of my home. Home as in my house, my pets, my husband, and soon my son! Working the long days that I was working it was too hard to do and be everything. I was always doing the minimum trying to keep everyone happy.

I feel so domesticated now :) The house is finally clean, I have time to cook good meals, I have time to take care of myself spiritually and work out! I have daily schedules of housework that keep the house clean, I actually fold the laundry now and make the bed :) I never realized just how much my husband appreciates coming home to a clean house! The fact that he doesn't have to help out as much around here has greatly improved his mood and his stress level too!!!

Staying home has been an awesome change for us so far! The overall health of our family cannot be bought with two incomes! So yes, being a stay at home wife has been everything I thought it would be and much much more. I had no idea the positive effect it would have on our marriage and I know that the time spent with Malachi will be invaluable!


Platinum Rose said...

That's awesome! I definitely envy you on this.

Maria Delgado said...

It is such am amazing thing to be a stay at home mom/wife! I love it!