Saturday, May 15, 2010


I don't know if it is spring cleaning or nesting, but either way we're hitting the deep cleaning pretty hard this weekend. Now that the depressing time of waiting is behind us and the excitement of referral stuff is done it feels like we have so much to get done before we take off for Africa. We are cleaning and moving things around while we're at it to make sure everything is safe for a little one. Peter spent the morning cleaning out our hot tub and we've posted it on craigslist for free to just try and get it out of here. We told our social worker back in October that we were getting rid of it and now we really need to get it out of here before she comes back into our home after Malachi gets home. So hopefully it goes soon! I've been cleaning the inside. My cleaning motivation had disappeared there for awhile (adoption waiting depression?) but now it is back and I have a lot of work to do! We also have a few little projects left to get done in Malachi's room and then we will post pictures of his completed room!

We are already well over our limit of 4 suitcases for Ethiopia. We have to pack all of Malachi's stuff in our carry on's (fun fun fun) as there is no guarantee our luggage will make it. We already have almost 4 tubs of donations to take to the orphanage and our agency called us and asked us if we could take 2 more that they have over when we go. So we will be over the limit. We will try and get the airport to waive the additional fees since we are taking over humanitarian aid or otherwise we might have to pay a few $100 more dollars to get the stuff over there. Oh well. We have started buying all the stuff we need to take over there. There is a lot of stuff to pack for a little one! Also, since he will probably be right around 3 months when we get to go get him, we will need to pack 0-3 month size clothes AND 3-6 month size clothes.

I am finishing up my last few weeks of work. I haven't turned in my notice yet, but I am planning on my last day of work being the day before we go to court. We are hoping to get a court date this coming week and hoping it will be soon! It is really hard to get up the motivation to go to work right now, but it is nice knowing that I only have a few more weeks. I do admit that it is a little scary to think of being a one income family, but we know we will make it.

Peter just celebrated his 1 year at his employer this past week! That means he has a raise coming any day now :) It is also bonus month for him so we are eagerly anticipating that! We have been putting away some money each month as reserves for when I quit working. His bonus will make it to where I will at least have a year of a safety net after I quit -which is awesome!!!

Exciting things are coming!!!

Tomorrow is Malachi's 1 month birthday - Happy 1 month Malachi, we miss you!


Maria Delgado said...

Being a one income family is hard, but nothing is better than being a Stay At Home Mom! It's AMAZING!

Maria Delgado said...
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