Sunday, May 30, 2010

Last Few Weeks

We are enjoying this nice, long weekend together. We really are just trying to enjoy the time we have left of just the two of us and the majority of time the two of us have together is on the weekends. We are hopeful that our little guy will be home in the next 6-8 weeks. Hopefully this time will go fast!!!

Our court date has been scheduled for June 15th. We are so excited that in 16 short days Malachi will hopefully legally be our son! We are spending a lot of time in prayer that all the documents will be in order for a first time pass (50-50 chance of passing the first try). In the midst of all that we spend a lot of time looking at his cute little face! He is adorable and I can't wait to get him in my arms and kiss those cute cheeks :) I am hoping to get some updated pictures of him soon. He is 6 weeks old now and the last pictures I got of him he was under 3 weeks old so I know he has changed a lot in that time.

I turned in my official notice at work! Man, that felt good :) My department has lost 9 or 10 employees since January and they have not hired anyone. They are trying to be careful with the current state of the economy, but there are just not enough people and they are working everyone like crazy. I am so glad to be almost done! June 10th will be my last day. It is weird to be going through so many life changes right now.

It reminds me so much of when we were preparing to get married. We knew what things were going to look like. We had a good idea of where we would be financially. We had read books and taken pre-marital counseling and had a decent idea of what marriage would look like. But it was still a leap of faith. We didn't really know how things were going to be until after we jumped in. It was a nervous and very exciting time and the months leading up to our marriage we just wanted to get the wedding day over with so we could start our lives together.

We've done our research on adoption and parenting. We have a decent idea of what our financial situation will look like as a one income family. We've read the books and taken the classes for everything from parenting technics, to bonding with an adopted child, to transracial families. But it is still a leap of faith. We are very comfortable as a family of 2 and while we can't wait to become 3, it is a little nerve wracking knowing a baby will change our marriage and our entire family dynamic. But most of all we are just excited. Very, very excited!!! We wish we could skip the next few weeks and get right to the good part of getting Malachi in our arms and start our lives together!!!


Maria Delgado said...

It's all SO worth it!
It'll be awesome!